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GnuTLS library

All the releases are signed with Nikos' or Simon's OpenPGP key.
Release: Version: Location:
stable3.3.x (mirror list)
stable-old3.2.x (mirror list)

GnuTLS for Windows

Description: Location:
Latest precompiled version

GnuTLS in other languages than C

Language: Location:
C++ LibCXX
The GnuTLS distribution also includes a (limited) C++ interface.
Python pygnutls, python-gnutls
PHP PHP5-gnutls
Guile (scheme) Included in the GnuTLS distribution

1. Gmplib 6 is under LGPLv3 or GPLv2. Older versions of gmplib under LGPLv2 are also supported.
2. Stable-next will be the next stable release; while it is believed to be sufficiently stable it is not as well tested as the stable branch.