Required libraries: Optional libraries:
  • libtasn1 ASN.1 parsing - a copy is included in GnuTLS
  • p11-kit for PKCS #11 support
  • trousers for TPM support
  • libidn2 for Internationalized Domain Names support
  • libunbound for DNSSEC/DANE functionality

Downloading the GnuTLS library

All the new releases are signed with either Dmitry's, Tim's, or Daiki's OpenPGP key.
Release Version ABI Location
Next23.7.x 3.4.0 (mirror list)
Current stable3.6.x 3.4.0 (mirror list)

GnuTLS for Windows

The windows builds are automatically generated on every release tag in the GnuTLS repository. As we do not rely on trusted infrastructure for our CI, please consider them as untrusted binaries.

Description Location
Latest w32 version on gitlab 3.7.0:mingw32
Latest w64 version on gitlab 3.7.0:mingw64

GnuTLS in other languages than C

Language Location
C++ LibCXX
The GnuTLS distribution also includes a (limited) C++ interface.
Python python-gnutls
PHP PHP5-gnutls
Guile (scheme) Included in the GnuTLS distribution

1. Gmplib 6 is under LGPLv3 or GPLv2. Older versions of gmplib under LGPLv2 are also supported.
2. Next will be the next stable release; while it is believed to be sufficiently stable it is not as well tested as the stable branch.